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Sell the product, sell the service

Sell the product, sell the service.

Sometimes we get so caught up on the sale, the home run, and the new client that we forget how much more we have to offer the world.

We equate “net new dollars” with “an all new client” and we forget that we have an existing customer base that we can continue to service and profit from.

Of course all new clients are important, but we need to make certain that we don’t forget our customer base. Reaching out to them with new ideas, new products and new services not only helps generate new revenue dollars, but it gives us a great reason to connect with them again. Stay on their radar. Hear about their new needs, goals, ideas and plans.

What Else You Got?


Any salesperson worth their salt knows the importance of cross selling and upselling. Make sure every one of your customers knows about every one of your products. What wasn’t needed last year might have a place in their universe this year.

What if you don’t have another product to sell them? What if you work for a company that sells only 1 product?

Maybe you have a service you can sell them? Can you offer them customization? A Warranty? Can you upgrade them for a small upcharge?

Can you monetize your knowledge? What kinds of white papers and e-books can you provide to your customer base?

How far outside of the box are you willing to look? If you have nothing else in house to offer your customers, maybe you can partner with another firm on another product? Can you re-sell something that’s not proprietary to you? Can you serve as an affiliate to a company with the same customer base as yours?

There is an old adage about it costing 5 times more to win a new customer than to maintain an existing one. It’s also important to remember that your customer has more options and more resources than ever before. You need to stay in front of them, stay engaged with them, and keep offering them something that makes you valuable and important to their business model.

Keep asking yourself, What else you got???



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