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Even the most motivated, most successful, most ambitious folks have bad days. Some have really bad days.

Its not uncommon for we mere mortals to be scared, angry, depressed or concerned.

And it’s not uncommon to “hit bottom.”

You know that feeling, that’s when things seem hopeless. When nothing seems to make you feel better. When nothing seems to be a decent remedy or pacifier.

Here is the problem with absolute bottom, it becomes an endless loop of awful if you let it.

Absolute bottom makes you feel like nothing you do is valuable. And when you feel that way, you stop trying to do things that are valuable. And when you stop trying, things can’t get better. And when things can’t get better…you are at absolute bottom.

You see?


Absolute Bottom


Since we can agree neither that a can of spinach or a glowing unicorn will magically appear and suddenly give you strength and stamina. What can we do when we hit absolute bottom?







Welcome to the bottom.

Now, let’s join together and pick ourselves back up.


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