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We talk so often about how to stay motivated, how to get the sales numbers up, and how to sell “more.” But what happens when you are that guy or gal whose numbers are good and now you are on autopilot? What happens when you get so good at what you do, you worry that it’s almost become predictable?

While we focus on adding value to your customer and his employers, don’t forget to add value at your place of employment.You are a brand, and you need to keep your brand visible and valuable. The focus should always be on generating revenue, but remember to reflect once a month or once a quarter on other things, like:

Adding Value to the Personal Brand

That last one might take extra thought, but it might also have the highest value on the list. This isn’t something you can guess at, and it’s altogether possible that the things you think are important are not important to him or her.

Best advice – ask.

Straight up. Ask what he is struggling with you can help with? Ask what she would like to delegate to you so she can focus more on the things she can’t delegate? What can you research so that next quarter the company can tackle?

Pay attention in Sales meetings. What are the hot topics? What are the future plans? Where does the company want to “go”? How can you make it faster and easier to get there?


You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want. 

– Zig Ziglar
Ironically, these are the kind of questions and concerns that you want to address when you talk to a potential client. “How can I help you? What problems can I solve for you?” Asking these questions within your own organization not only help you build your personal brand but can also open your eyes to internal problem you weren’t aware of.

Maybe your process causes them. Or maybe many businesses have these problems and you never thought to ask about it. Address your employer just like you’d address a customer: how can I help solve problems here? The exercise might even give you insight in how to better serve your customers.

Some people are good soldiers. They put their head down and do what they’re told. Soldiers are good. But some folks get antsy after they’ve done something very well for a long period of time, and it’s a bit unnerving when you can’t put your finger on what to do next.

Whether it’s a question posed to your customer, your employer, your team mates or folks you meet at a networking event, keep asking those “how can I help?” questions. You might be pleasantly surprised at the answers you get, and how it helps you to keep building your personal brand.



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