Absolute Bottom

February 7, 2018

Even the most motivated, most successful, most ambitious folks have bad days. Some have REALLY bad days. Its not uncommon for we mere mortals to be scared, angry, depressed or concerned. And it’s not uncommon to “hit bottom.” You know that feeling…that’s when things seem hopeless. When nothing seems to make you feel better. When… read more »

Q&A with our Customer Success Manager

January 23, 2018

We are starting the New Year out fresh here at LinkPoint360 with a number of events and plans for 2018. One of them is the integration of the Marketing and Customer Success Departments. I sat down with our expert Customer Success Manager, Levy Sinyor, who has been a member of the LinkPoint360 team for 2… read more »

Positive Mindset and a List of Lists

January 8, 2018

In the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day, many folks will find a quiet room in the house to do some last minute personal development and planning for 2018. Somewhere between the books they read and the cleaning they do, they will make a “to do” list for themselves. “New Year’s Resolutions”, if you… read more »

A Door and a Window

December 11, 2017

This month’s blog is dedicated to Pete, Jo, Layla and any sale you ever lost….   I don’t remember when I first learned the expression, “Every time a door closes, a window opens”, but I know I’ve always loved it and have always tried to remember it. Maybe it was when a close relative passed… read more »

Planning Makes Perfect

November 30, 2017

With the holiday season officially underway, it’s time to prepare and plan for the festivities. So much to do with so little time. Each year, we always say we are going to start shopping early or make those family trips. And it seems that before we know it, the New Year is here and we’re… read more »


November 1, 2017

I hate writing with dated references because I want to believe that these blog posts will live forever. But there is a commercial I see a lot on TV lately and the catch phrase sticks in my head. “Change your apartment…change the world.” Catchy…right? And powerful! I mean, imagine…change the…world?!   But cah mahn. We… read more »

Football, Videos and Other Distractions

October 2, 2017

Ah…technology! Look how easy it’s become to research a company, call a client, send a quote and invite a prospect to lunch. Your phone and/or tablet has become a supercomputer, and it keeps you armed and ready to fight the good fight each day in the field. Not only that, but you can also get… read more »

LinkPoint360 Sponsors Dreamforce ’17

September 11, 2017

LinkPoint360 Sponsors Dreamforce ’17 LinkPoint360 is a proud bronze sponsor of Dreamforce ’17. And with the event just a few months away, we’re preparing our team, exhibit booth, and product offerings for an exciting week of demonstrations and networking. Dreamforce ’17 is set for November 6-9 in San Francisco, CA. As you set your plans… read more »

Slower and Better

September 1, 2017

We work hard here to educate the market about our tool for integrating Outlook and Lotus Notes into Salesforce and Dynamics. And we pride ourselves on how intuitive the tool is. That being said, I regularly tell people…while they are running our 14 day Free Trial…. “Let’s do a quick Web Demo. I want to… read more »

Where We Are, Where We Are Going

August 23, 2017

LinkPoint360 has come a long way this year, and with summer coming to an end, we have put behind us nine events and are looking forward to Dreamforce ’17 this upcoming November 6-9 in San Francisco. It has been a busy year for us with the expansion of event sponsorships and the release of new… read more »

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