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Navatar Group provides cloud CRM solutions for Wall Street firms. You know: capital markets, asset management, banking, etc.

As a top ISV partner of, Navatar makes it easier for these financial firms to manage their prospects and clients. So it’s CRM for the finance-specific entities.

And LinkPoint360 happens to offer Navatar-specific integration to make it faster and easier for financial firms to use their CRM!


LinkPoint Connect Integration for Navatar

Navatar first started recommending LinkPoint360 to their customers when they realized that LinkPoint Connect offers email integration features that the standard SFDC integration did not. Features like:

Immediate access to Navatar specific fields? Yes!


Navatar offers objects and fields such as Deals, Fundraising, Pipeline, and Target. LinkPoint Connect ensures that you can see these fields in our Side Panel directly inside Outlook or Lotus Notes. So as soon as you receive an email from a client you know what you are working on with them!

Need to go to that field and update a Deal or Pipeline item? One click of an icon and you are on the specific page you want!

Navatar - Side Panel_Fund_Pipeline

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We then allow you to record emails to any of these fields, so you are not limited to recording the email strictly to the contact!

Navatar - Record_Deal

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You are busy. You have clients to service and assets to manage. You don’t have time to:

If you made the investment in Navatar, you understand the value in an organized method for recording information. Now, make one more small investment in yourself to become as efficient and productive as possible.


Free_TrialLinkPoint Connect helps users save time, work efficiently, and close more deals. Download a free 14-day trial of LinkPoint Connect and an account executive will reach out to you regarding your Navatar integration.


About the Writer: Today’s blog was written by LinkPoint360 Global Sales Manager Jeff Eskow. You can find him on LinkedIn or email him at