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AIM by App-X is a Salesforce application developed for organizations dealing in fund management, providing solutions for alternative alternative asset fund managers, institutional investors, and impact investors. AIM brings together the insights organizations need to effectively track fundraising, due diligence, and portfolios.

This week’s blog was written by Jeff Vahrenwald at App-X. LinkPoint360 is proud to partner with App-X and to provide innovative integration solutions for our customers.

LinkPoint Connect Lets Outlook and Salesforce Finally Get Along

Cats and dogs. Hatfields and McCoys. Coke and Pepsi. Salesforce and Outlook. Some of history’s most heated rivalries will never get resolved; for some reason, the two sides don’t seem to ever get along. But just when you thought Outlook and Salesforce would be mortal enemies for eternity, along comes LinkPoint Connect for AIM, which lets Salesforce and AIM users view and sync data, record emails, and create contacts seamlessly right from Outlook

Fighting-Boxing-Gloves(or IBM Notes, incidentally, if you are running with that instead). Think of it as the Dalai Lama of software rivalries.

The team at LinkPoint360 has long been a leader in email and Salesforce integration and over the past year or so, we’ve partnered with them to create enhancements specifically designed for AIM users and other alternative asset managers to help them enhance productivity and increase system adoption.

In this webinar, the team from LinkPoint360 and the team from App-X will be jointly demonstrating the integration between AIM and LinkPoint Connect, answering questions about how you can get LinkPoint Connect installed in your database, and proving finally that Outlook can finally get along with Salesforce.


LinkPoint Connect Lets Outlook and Salesforce Finally Get Along

Thursday, May 28, 2015 12:30 PM ET, 9:30 AM PT



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To learn more about the AIM monthly webinar series and to find out how you can start using fund management software today, contact AIM at 1 800-914-9120.